Dental implants

An alternative to dentures, dental implants (small dental appliances
that are inserted into the upper and lower jaws) help to restore the
mouth that has little or no non-restorable teeth. Dental implants are
slowly replacing dentures used by some people, as they provide many
advantages over traditional dentures.

Advantages of implants over dentures:

For some people, particularly persons with loose or poor fitting
dentures due to flat ridges, or persons with multiple missing teeth who
need support for crowns and bridges, implants may be considered a more
appropriate alternative to fix the appearance of missing teeth than
dentures. According to the American Academy of Implant Prosthodontics,
implants help to accomplish the following:

  • Reduce movement of dentures, bridges, and/or crowns
  • Facilitate proper chewing
  • Provide support and improved stability for removable dentures or fixed bridge work
  • Approximate the “feel” of natural teeth better than dentures
  • Promote “denture self-confidence”, as speech and appearance are often improved